Turn on, tune in, wise up with these brilliant podcasts:

Mr Barton:

Although it’s called a maths podcast, this is absolutely great for teachers of all subjects. Craig is so clever, funny and humble and he gets the best guests in the whole of education. Feast your ears!


Ollie Lovell

Ollie is also a maths teacher, and also has great podcasts for teachers of all subjects- among others he has interviewed Natalie Wexler of “The Writing Revolution ” and father of Cognitive Load Theory John Sweller


The Learning Scientists:

Unparalleled for their work in bringing the science of how we learn to ordinary teachers, the learning scientists now have a fab podcast:


Phil Naylor

With stellar guests including Pritesh Raichura, Daniel Muijs and Amy Forrester, Phil’s podcast is well worth a listen

Go with me on this: a fun new debate podcast, bringing insights on education


The Education Endowment Foundation podcast:

An organisation for the systematic research into what works, the EEF has its own podcast for research-engaged teachers


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