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Eradicating disadvantage: moving to a booklet model

Jo Facer on how booklets bring clarity, simplicity and quality:

Ben Newmark on how to teach using a visualiser and why it’s such a great approach:

Pritesh Raichura on writing booklets:

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And some great blogs:

Adam Boxer

Pritesh Raichura

Niki Kaiser

Bill Wilkinson

Ruth Walker

Chris Baker

Adam Robbins

Ben Rogers

Gethyn Jones

Tom Chillimamp

Teachers on reading

Across the globe, teachers are finding out about cognitive science, curriculum, behaviour, and social justice – and we are questioning our training and years of hegemony. Here are some teachers’ reflections on this experience:

Claire Stoneman’s absolutely hilarious pair of blogs here:

Some really thoughtful writing here from chemistry teacher Dr Bill Wilkinson:

Geography teacher Mark Enser writes so well and his experiences will ring true to many:

Ben Newmark here with a powerful analogy involving jam:

A different context to ours but still extremely relatable:

And the inimitable James Theobald:

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Below are our favourite blogs on English teaching – if you know other great English blogs please add in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.

Rebecca Foster

Sarah Barker

Tom Needham

Chris Curtis

Matt Pinker

Alex Quigley

Andy Tharby